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UI/UX Design

Impressive UI/UX Design Services to Increase Customer Engagement

Who do we care about the most when making UI design for a mobile app or website? The users, of course! Design-led engineering revolves around the people or users of the product. The main intention here is to improve mobile apps by analyzing and understanding how a user interacts with product design. This method of engineering isn’t just human-centred but is deeply human itself.

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Our UI/UX Design

When you choose our UX/UI development company, you get a wide range of services under one roof.

Mobile App UX and UI Design

We create UI/UX designs for mobile apps that strike a balance between Android and iOS conventions that users are familiar with and the authenticity and uniqueness of your app to make it stand out.

UI and UX Consulting

An intuitive UX is the key to getting high conversions and increasing user satisfaction. We audit your apps based on its appearance and UI and suggest the best practices to fix usability issues.

AR Experience Design

Our UX/UI development team specializes in creating compelling AR experiences. We enhance user interaction with the app by employing our creativity to improve an app's design language.

Web Design

Create a remarkable first impression and convert visitors into customers with a responsive web design. We craft designs that engage customers by putting users' needs at the centre of our efforts.

Cross-Platform Experience Design

Sticking to the native guidelines can leave little room for creativity and innovation. That’s why we combine the basic guidelines of both OS to create cross-platform UI designs that offer beautiful user experiences.

Light & Dark User Interface Design

StYour choice of light or dark UI can significantly impact the app’s performance and usability. We help you pick the suitable colour scheme, images, typography and composition to improve your app’s user experience.

High-fidelity Prototype Development

To build future apps, we create a high-fidelity, fully interactive prototype that demonstrates the app’s behaviour. This pixel-perfect imitation of the final product without code gives you an idea of the user flow.


Breathe new life into existing software by improving its UI and UX. We identify problems and enhance the software’s user flow to ensure it's comfortable to use and works well on different devices.

Process With UI/UX Design


Gathering Requirements

In this step, our team will work on understanding your expectation, by the information and requirements provided by you for the app project. We get to know more about your goals, target users, user research, and the service you want to provide so that we can create a proper layout for the application project. Once we are satisfied with the information we collect, only then we will be moving forward to the next step of our workflow.


Creating a Wireframe

The UI/UX designers will create a blueprint structure for your site or app design. This will help us measure user behavior to meet your goals. We make such a layout (user interface design) that ensures the user functionality and journey on your app or website. Our proficient UI designers will create a wireframe using the latest tools like Balsamiq for each mobile screen to help you understand the placement of each element through visual design.


Designing Theme

Our UI/UX designer will keep referring to the list of needs that we gathered from you in the first step of the design process. Accordingly, we’ll match the requirements with your company values and ideologies to create the perfect fit. First, we’ll decide the color palette and typography, and then, determine the shape of all the elements. Finally, we’ll create unique themes and design some basic pages in those themes to visualize functionality.


Generating Flow Prototypes

We create user interfaces that you fall in love with. At this stage, we will get feedback from you on the design themes and make changes that you suggest in the theme. If there are no changes, then, we will move forward to designing graphics. Our UI designers generate a prototype using prototyping tools so that you can try out to understand the user journey and functionality of apps that come up with new business opportunities.


Final Product Approval

This will be the final stage of the UI design process. We will validate the design and get feedback from your end. If you want any changes after looking at the prototype of the app, then, our UI designers can implement the same. If you do not need any changes and give us the thumbs up, then, we will send you the final files. After this process comes to an end, our development team will start with the building process for your app or website.


Development & Testing

After you authorize the prototype, it’s time to give life to your approved designs. The UX/UI designers will collaborate with developers and build seamless UX patterns and an engaging UI interface. Our expert quality analysts also carry out usability tests during development to assess the overall experience of the consumer using the software. Once the product becomes flawless, we will deploy the product to the required platform.

What is the UI/UX Design service?

Design-led engineering is a process through which we engineer a product on the basis of user experience design. In this method of creating software, we first understand the audience and then define their user needs. Based on this, our UI designers or product designers come up with ideal design wireframes that can be used and consumed by the users easily. As per the design, our developers apply technology that translates the design patterns into a user-friendly product. It then goes into the testing phase in which we check the features functionality or design problem as well as the user-friendliness of the mobile app or site.

Our user interface designers or web designer have a profound knowledge of designing with technological skills that make an application run smoothly on their respective devices (iOS/Android). We are a leading app development agency based in Egypt, have a “Get Shit Done” environment which leads to the successful journey starting from ideas to the app deployment for startups or entrepreneurs.

Design That You’ll Love

Do you want to get a user-centric mobile app or website for your clients? Do you want more engagement from your mobile app or website? Well, a good UI design can help you out. UI design (interface design) can be the make-or-break factor in your mobile app development. At Bold Brand, we have the best UI designers, experts, and consultants in our team. Our team is proficient in creating mobile app designs. We can provide you with designs for a mobile interface, dashboard, apps for iOS, Android, tvOS, and the web. We promise you a UI design that can help you create a lasting impression on the users’ minds.

UI/UX Design


Wireframes are an important element in graphic design for mobile apps. They not only help create a basic structure for the mobile app but also allows us to fix any flaws or make changes at the initial stages itself. It basically creates a roadmap of the entire application with its essential functioning. Our business analysts will understand and analyze your requirements and then create the wireframe screens using wireframe design tools like Balsamiq and AdobeXD. The implementation of the app design screens is done after several QA tests followed by layout improvements.


Clarity is the key to an exemplary user interface and user experience design. Keeping this in mind, we create strategies that enable interaction between users and your system by clearly communicating your app’s meaning and function. If it's not clear to the users how your app works, they’ll get confused and leave your app.


The usability of an app is determined by its UI/UX design. The users must find it easy to interact with the app and become proficient with the UI to achieve their goals quickly. At Bold Brand, we make sure that the app design is usable by creating a simplified layout and significantly increasing the learnability of the application.


Bold Brand specializes in creating responsive designs that improve user experience. A spinning wheel or a progress bar are some of the elements that we incorporate to share feedback with the users and ensure they know the progress of their actions. Responsiveness also improves your app’s appearance and increases the amount of time a user spends on the app.


To increase user engagement, apps should have a consistent interface that allows users to develop usage patterns. That’s why our UI/UX design company focuses on creating attractive yet recognizable buttons, tabs, icons and other interface elements that are easy to remember. We aim to achieve the best for our clients by creating consistent interfaces.

We Optimize Experiences and Interactions

Our UX/UI development team has top creative talent. Our designers have vast hands-on experience in crafting solutions that look and work as you require. With our expertise, businesses can get impressive digital products equally beautiful and easy to use across all platforms. Our user interface and user experience designs convert and engage by responding to customer needs and altering how they feel about your products or services. Count on Bold Brand to get unique solutions that differentiate your brand from its competitors.

We Create Designs That Attract, Work and Convert

We understand the importance of an attractive user interface and a mesmerizing user experience. That’s why we give special attention to the overall design of all applications we build. We take a holistic approach wherein we consider all essential elements and devise strategies that yield profitable results. Therefore, when you trust our app design company, rest assured of quality because we create user interface and user experience designs that grab the users’ attention in a short period and make a remarkable impression on them.

Frequently Asked Question

Yes, of course! We sign an NDA with all our clients in order to ensure that your idea remains yours and we have no rights over it. We won’t be using your app or site idea for gains of any sort or sharing any confidential data with others. Even within our company, information about your project will be shared with our employees on a need-to-know basis only.

We have designed numerous apps and websites of a wide variety. These include dating apps, apps for the healthcare industry, enterprise solutions, food delivery apps, taxi booking apps and others. The platform for these apps and websites have been varied too, starting from iOS and Android to macOS, wearable apps, and others. You can check out our portfolio here.

Yes, we will put our best efforts and work with you to ensure that the design reflects your brand identity and ideologies, and is also on par with your competitors. When conducting research for your project, we ensure that we understand your brand and company culture thoroughly. Once we feel that we know about your company in-depth, we work with you for selecting a colour palette, creating elements, user flow and that’s truly yours.

Usually, we tend to design 2-3 theme variations and send them to you for review. You can pick the theme you like the best from those and if required, our team of UI/UX designers will redo the elements in that theme as per your preference.

Not at all. For every piece of software or app that we develop and deploy, we create a different type of UX. It all depends on our research – the information that we collect from you and from the market helps us decide what kind of UX design we should be integrating into your app.

It usually takes us any time between 4-7 weeks for us to generate the navigation flow prototype for your project. This includes wireframing, designing, and generating the prototype. An approximate timeline will be provided to you after we comprehend your requirements and know what will be needed in your project.

Since we will be designing your website or mobile app from scratch, it will be fully customizable. All the pages, features and elements will be designed as per your requirements.

User interface (UI) design is all about the look and functionality of the application or website and includes the aesthetic elements by which users interact. In contrast, user experience (UX) design is all about the overall feel of the user or what experience they get with the app or website.

Since we will begin the development process only after getting confirmation from you about the app design, this doesn’t usually happen. However, if you do wish to make changes in the app design, we suggest that you raise this issue with the point-of-contact or project manager. We will review the changes that you want to make and then assist you further with the process.

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