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Bold Brand FAQ

  • What makes Bold Brand so Bold Brand?

    Unlike other marketing and creative agencies, we not only create beautiful things. Of course, we made great logos and websites, but we took it a step further. We will develop strategies to support your brand and company. We help you understand your buyers and how to target them, and then provide you with the tools you need, just like a responsive website, to generate the leads you need.

  • Like to work with Bold Brand?

    Although some agents will tell you about their sack circles and a meeting room with a cereal bar and bean bag chairs, we will tell you what we do for our customers. In the final analysis, your project comes first. We will bring fun along the way, but our main focus is to create and develop the best works to make your brand more iconic. We take pride in creating cost-effective marketing materials.

  • Who is creating jobs?

    Design, content and marketing experts have created everything at Rounded. From business cards to large websites, we are all experts in getting the job done. You are an expert in your industry. We are our experts. We will work together to make your brand iconic by formulating strategies and creative works, thus making you more attractive to potential customers.

  • What can you do for me

    Being rounded is more than just having a killer website and logo. This is about sharing your story. This is about having the right marketing materials and the right strategy. From helping you identify and understand your buyers to building responsive websites to developing continuous marketing strategies, we are dedicated to providing you with iconic services.

  • What if I am not sure about the design or strategy?

    If you are not sure about the design or strategy, please let us know. We will discuss why we design a certain way or why your strategy is this way. We hope you are full of confidence and excitement for your project. If there is something wrong, then we will work together to find a feasible solution.

  • How to get start with us?

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  • Why choose our services in your business?

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Branding FAQ

  • What is a brand?

    Brands are more than logos and clever slogans. Your brand tells the story of your company. This is your information and values. Branding is when all the different elements, such as logos, social media posts, and marketing materials, consistently tell the same story. When this happens, extraordinary things happen.

  • What is the difference between a logo and a brand?

    Your logo is a graphic or printed symbol that identifies your company. The logo is part of your company's brand identity. It represents part of your brand's story, but of course not the only part of the story.Overall, your brand can tell the whole process of your business. This is your value proposition, logo, impression and all marketing materials. Think of your brand as a story. You need elements like characters and plot to tell the story. Your logo is just one of those elements that can help you tell a story.

  • What does the branding process look like?

    In the rounding process, the brand-building process is about you and your business. We will open the curtain through strategic discussions. We want to know about the current status of you, your company and your brand. We must understand where you come from before we can help you take things to a new level. After talking and listening, we will optimize the best and most strategic action plan to make your brand iconic.

  • What is included in my brand plan?

    Because no two companies are the same, no two brand projects are the same. Your brand or rebranding project may include:Logo design: capture the spirit of your brand. Logo changes: advance your brand in various ways. Brand guidelines: help you communicate your brand story. Brand Story: To introduce you to your buyer's role and its motivation.

  • What happens after the brand is developed?

    Making a strategy is actually just the beginning of everything. Your brand promotion will require a lot of collateral, such as websites, business cards, signs, automatic emails, and a lot of other content. If you want to focus on growing your business instead of being busy with all marketing, our team will provide the tools needed to execute the new brand. Ready to learn more?

Website Design FAQ

  • How long does it take to build a website?

    It really only depends on your brand and site. No two websites are exactly the same. We will always work according to your schedule. After we meet to discuss all the details of your project, we can provide you with a practical timetable.

  • How much does the website cost?

    The price depends on the size of your website, the type of graphics we have to create and all the details that make the website so excellent. At Iconic, we build our own paid website. If the sales leads generated by your website can help you increase sales, is the price of the new website not worth it? A new website aims to grow your business and leverage your brand story, so we want to focus on revenue

  • What does the website design process look like?

    We always start the website through strategic consulting. We will discuss what you like and dislike on the current site, the brand's voice and overall information. After better understanding your needs, we will develop strategies for your website design. Once determined, we will start to build a beautiful website, the focus is to attract potential customers. After you approve these documents, we will start creating your website.

  • What kind of results do I expect to see?

    Our goal is to build a value-for-money website. Because we are very focused on providing you with finished products, you will get results. We will even help you set up the right tools to measure and track these results.

  • Will I be able to edit my website?

    We use a content management system (CMS) to build your website, which means you will be able to edit the content after it is completed. Before we give you the key (so to speak), we will ensure that you understand how the CMS works and how to use it. We are also happy to help you with your ongoing marketing efforts by providing printed materials, blog services and strategic consulting.

consulting FAQ

  • How can you help me?

    With years of experience in management, marketing and sales, we can customize training courses that suit your needs and help you learn how to grow your business. From sales training and coaching to improve potential customers, we can help you transform your brand into an iconic brand.

  • How do you help my employees?

    Your employees can also be iconic characters. With consulting services that can help you increase sales leads, your employees can understand the ins and outs of transforming digital marketing strategies from vision to implementation.

  • What will I get from the Bold Brand consultation meeting?

    Marketing consulting meetings are all about you and your needs. From sales training to the basics of digital marketing, we will tailor your courses to the individual needs of your business. Here are some of the different services we currently provide:Sales training and coaching Improve potential customer generation through content marketing Support to help your employees (or your CEO) understand why digital marketing is so important Website planning tool for the next website Marketing automation strategies and plans Strategic digital marketing plan

Creative FAQ

  • What type of creative services do you provide?

    Basically, you name it, we create it. Because from marketing materials to marketing materials, your information must be cohesive and consistent, so we provide a variety of creative services to help.Logo. website. Business cards. Print materials. sign. Animated video. Graphic design. Content writing. Any ideas? We are happy to help make it a reality!

  • How does strategy affect creativity?

    At rounded, we do something different. Our strategy to help you define and build your brand can inform all the creative elements we develop. We consider things like generating potential customers, increasing your return on investment, and delivering iconic information.

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