What We Do

Provide awesome service with our tools

Motion Graphics & Video Production

an animated video is works best way to deliver the message specially when its complex.

Mobile APP Development

We provide customers with mobile application development services to help them spread their businesses across all continents

Branding & Strategy

Working closely with our clients, we create brand identites aligned with their core values and organizational culture.
We have experience creating brands from the ground up, as well as with enhancing existing brands through strategy and design.

web designing & Development

we design 7 develop your website preserving your brand \ corporate visual identity with latest UX & UI methods to create clean, straight to the point, smart and user \ admin friendly websites.

Social Media Marketing

we create \ execute digital media plans based on brand’s marketing objectives & target audience over all different online platforms.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We focus on providing comprehensive digital marketing services to set strategic directions. We believe that a successful digital marketing campaign is the success you bring every time you run it.

Why Choose Us

The key to your motivation and success

We focus on increasing potential customers and sales rather than selling you specific marketing solutions

Because we have a Ninja team that specializes in various fields of digital marketing, we will fully understand your website and marketing work and recommend the best things for you.

Simple communication

When you join Rounded, you will directly contact an expert running a campaign or a full-time project manager. You will be able to access their booking calendar to arrange conference calls. If you want, you can send an email. But no matter which way, we can reach

Transparent, clear and useful reports

Sometimes digital marketing is complicated. Sometimes it sounds a bit complicated because of agents who do n’t know how to explain things simply.We think you should have at least some basic knowledge: what we are doing, why we are doing it, and the results for you. Therefore, in each report, you will receive clear and clear content,

We encourage you to ask if you are unsure

Your Project Manager or campaign specialist will be on hand to answer any questions you have. There is no such thing as a silly question!

The key to your motivation and success